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  • Wed, 17:13: Got an Apple Pencil today. Gonna see if it's any good. Artwork stolen from Jeff Campbell's…
  • Wed, 18:43: About the Apple Pencil, I can unequivocally say that it's still not ready for prime time. The hardware is there, but the apps aren't.
  • Wed, 18:44: At this point, the Apple Pencil is a fun toy -- not something for a serious artist.
  • Wed, 21:35: I don't always draw, but when I do it's of anthropomorphic sausages.
  • Thu, 05:41: Seriously, this is all I draw. Getting better at the app, though. It's a fun toy, even if it…
  • Thu, 09:23: Day 3 since shaving. Slowly growing back. In another 3 days I might have a 5 o'clock shadow.
  • Thu, 11:24: Brought my iPad Pro to kill time between a therapy and synth jam appointment. I pull it out to play and somehow I've lost the nib. Grrrrrrr.
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